How To Use

It is hard to recommend a singular nutritional strategy, and more specifically a carbohydrate goal per hour, without knowing what each athlete can tolerate. Our fuel requirements during training and racing far exceeds our ability to absorb ingested carbohydrates. Generally speaking, most individuals will be able to tolerate 60g CHO per hour, some may be able to tolerate 90g CHO per hour. We know from recent research that has been published, that with gut training you may even be able to absorb up to 120g per hour. The only way to establish what is best for you is to train your gut and see what amount of carbohydrate you are able to tolerate. 

Make the most of your Cadence Nutrition products by using this helpful graphic to plan your training and racing nutritional strategy to train, perform and recover at your best. 

You can also read more about how to use our products to train your gut to tolerate a higher carb intake - and download our 8-week Gut Training Protocol here.