Indoor Training Tips

Indoor Training Tips

Five Tips for Indoor Training

1.    Higher sweat rate: with indoor training it is quite likely that you will have a higher sweat rate than what you would normally have outdoors. It is important to keep your body cooled through the use of a fan and remember to get in enough fluids. We recommend Carbofuel which is high in electrolytes and can provide a sustainable energy release. More information can be found here.

    2.    Look after your equipment: following on the above tip, sweating a lot indoors can wreck havoc on your equipment. Be sure to either rinse your cycling kit in fresh water shortly after the session or better yet, get it into the washing machine. Give your bike a wash at least once a week and give the floor around your indoor setup a scrub down. Sweat can be very corrosive and can cause unseen damage.

    3.    Welcome distractions: listening to music, watching a movie, reading a book or listening to a podcast can be a welcome distraction to many hours indoor, just be aware that your power is not dropping off and you’re putting in junk miles. When doing intervals or specific training we would rather recommend focusing on hitting your numbers and getting the job done correctly.

    4    Maintain consistent energy levels through your sessions: you're likely to be pedaling more than you would outdoors which means that you will be burning more energy. Why not try out one of our new Balanced Energy Bars?

    5.    Keep it fun! There is another two and a half weeks of the lock down to come, and maybe more. Mix things up by joining a Zwift race or virtual group ride with your friends. If you’re doing some endurance miles take your mind of things by watching a movie or documentary (whilst keeping point 3 in mind). We have recently watched the new Trek Factory Racing documentary Going In which follows the team through the 2019 season on Red Bull TV. Another recommendation would be The Least Expected Day - a look into team Movistar through the 2019 season.