Products That Are All About Science

Our ingredients and formulations are based on the principle: no hype, just science.

All of the products sold by Cadence Nutrition are research driven according to strict scientific principles.

Only once we are satisfied that the peer reviewed scientific evidence for an ingredient will allow us to formulate a higher standard of product, will we consider it for inclusion in our range.

Which products should I use?
Energy For Working Muscles

The primary limitation in endurance sports is the supply of energy to working muscles. Our Energy products are therefore formulated to maximise the supply of macronutrients in the form of carbohydrates and protein.

Additional ingredients such as electrolytes and specific amino acids have additional effects on performance. However, our energy products are not complex formulations, thereby reducing the risk of gastro-intestinal symptoms.

Scientifically Optimised Formulas for Rapid Recovery

Recovery from the stresses induced by exercise forms the foundation for the adaptation and improvement in performance that occurs with training.

Supplying the body with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids during the period immediately after exercise is critical to maximising this adaptive response. Our Recovery products are formulated with ingredients that are validated by the latest scientific research ensuring that your recovery is always ahead of the curve.