Mike Posthumus

Mike Posthumus

Mike Posthumus - Cyclist

Well-known for being an accomplished sports scientist, Mike is also recognized for being a somewhat accomplished cyclist – most especially in off road ultra-races. Originally a rugby player, Mike discovered cycling after retiring from the field in an effort to avoid getting too fat.

The privilege of exploring South Africa on a bike isn’t lost on Mike.  Events like the Joberg2C, Sani2C and Cape Epic epitomize this privilege. The memories made on rides and events like this are considered as his as career highlights and reason for him to keep returning every year. Mike admits that his wife and mother of their 2 sons tolerates his adventures very graciously – and for this reason cites her as his inspiration.

The network of trails in Tokai are on Mike’s doorstep, which includes the climb to the Mast – a personal favorite for the self-confessed natural born climber.  So it’s obvious to understand that he loves using the Mast climb for hard interval days.  A 20-minute repeat with over-unders is a perfect day training for Mike.  Fueling correctly for sessions such as these is vital – which is why Mike relies on consuming around 90g of carbohydrates per hour through Cadence CarboFuel and Classic Energy Gels.

Knowing that he never has to worry about the quality and composition of his nutrition is important to Mike.  This gives him the freedom to focus on motivating others to train smarter and harder.

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