Calvin Vlaanderen

Calvin Vlaanderen

Calvin Vlaanderen – 4 x South African Champion, 2013 Vice World Champion and 3rd European Champion, 2018 Vice MXON World Champion, 2019 MXON World Champion

Motocross - Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha

When Calvin’s parents bought him a PW50 to ride in the park opposite his house, aged 3 – they could never have imagined the motocross success that would follow as a consequence. Now based in The Netherlands, Calvin has extremely realistic aspirations to become an MXGP World Champion.  Failing climbing onto that top step, his ability to communicate with his dogs may bring him the same fame. 

Having such an audacious goal requires a focused lifestyle commitment, which includes nutritional approach for training, racing and recovery. Calvin has come to rely on CarboFuel Red Berry when training at the track or on his bicycle – keeping the Classic Energy Gels with caffeine to keep him sharp for races and intervals. 

Calvin admits to enjoying all kinds of training – exploring the countryside on bicycle, finding hidden gems and enjoying the scenery, listening to hip hop tunes, but nothing beats being on the mx bike.  “My favorite training session is doing a long moto session where I’m in the zone and everything is just clicking”, says Calvin. 

It’s an honor for Calvin to be representing a South African brand in their expansion to Europe.  Fueling his body to get the maximum performance with products that he can trust 100% is vital in chasing his dreams.

Career Highlights: 

  • MX2 Grand Prix winner
  • 12 x MX2 Grand Prix podiums


You can connect with Calvin on:

Instagram: @calvinvlaanderen
Strava: Calvin Vlaanderen
Zwift: Calvin Vlaanderen