Being roped into riding the 94.7 with 6 weeks' notice on her mom’s mountain bike as an unfit 19 year old hairdresser, wasn’t love at first bike for Amy. The sense of achievement did however inspire her to put rubber to dirt, which was the start of her career as we know it today. 

These days, Amy hits the dirt in Tokai.  The 14km climb, on her doorstep, offers a full complement of riding options, incredible views, a place to suffer in peace with no cars. Amy does have a secret superpower of transforming into a bouncy rubber ball when she crashes…”Sometimes my racing partners don’t know I crashed until they see a bleeding appendage (usually knee and / or elbow) at the finish line” she says - so the race back down the rad trails to the coffee shop is with a bit of caution.

Given this near-perfect training ground, it comes as no surprise that other than a rest day - Amy’s favourite training session is a 20 min over under session to the mast - or anything stochastic that keeps things interesting. 

For sessions like this, Amy follows a 100g of Carbs per hour fuelling regime to mimic a race fuel strategy; 1 bottle of Carbofuel (40g) and 3 gels (60g) per hour. Or another combo is 1 bottle of Marathon (40g) 1 salted caramel bar (40g) and a gel (20g).

Although Amy’s trophy cabinet is already stocked to the brim, her long term goals include a win at the Cape Epic, a top 5 at the World XCM and a few more SA XCM jerseys.  

Inspired by how P!nk’s strength and kindness collide, to create influence through passion, Amy hopes that she too can be this sort of role model. Sometimes, however, it’s about living in the moment and the simple joys of life. “Just like my dogs!, says Amy. 

On being a Cadence ambassador, Amy comments that she has been affiliated with Science to Sport for over 5 years and has grown tremendously as an athlete under their wing. Despite her loyalty to Cadence as a Science to Sport product, she enjoyed and bought products from the Cadence range for many years. “To be affiliated with a nutrition brand that you really believe in is a privilege” she concludes. 


  • SA XCM Champion 2022





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