SA & WP 2022 TIME TRIAL CHAMPION (35 - 39)

Adette Bos’s story is truly one of inspiration for many ordinary folk.  Five years ago, after being overweight for her whole life, she took it upon herself to overhaul her lifestyle.  The result was losing 60kg in three years, after which she took up cycling and entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour. 

As someone who sets herself goals and gives it her all to achieve them, Adette enlisted the services of cycling coach, Jeroen Swart to improve her cycling after that first Cycle Tour.  Her results and growth tell their own story from this point, which are testament to her determination and diligent consistency.  

Adette follows the same approach to her training nutrition.  She always has at least one bottle of CarboFuel on her bike, with bars and gels to use as needed during longer or intense sessions. 

Defaulting to the Atlantic Seaboard route to enjoy her cycling, Adette feels a sense of accomplishment every time she reaches the top of Chapmans Peak.  While she’s getting stronger and fitter, she enjoys listening to either a The Real Science of Sport Podcast or Gospel Music. 

Adette’s cycling aspirations include representing South Africa and a World Championship event.  Having a brand like Cadence Nutrition support these goals only makes Adette work even harder!

  • TT SA Vets Champion 2022 (35 – 39y)
  • TT WP Champion 2022 (35 – 39y)
  • 2nd Place WP Road Race (2022) (35 – 39y)
  • 2nd Place Dubai 92 2022 (35 – 39y)
  • Qualified for World Champs in September  2022 (35 – 39y)

Instagram: @fitlikeabos
Facebook: Fitlikeabos
Strava: Adette Bos

Zwift: Adette Bos